Your range is unique,
    and we want to make
    sure you get the personal
    attention you need.
    We will work with
    you to analyze exactly
    what your range
    needs are and establish
    a timeline for installation.

    GPR System offers full
    range maintenance,
    cleaning, and service
    plans customizable to
    suit your needs and schedule.
    Save time, protect your
    investment, and experience
    ongoing training with
    our range technicians.

    After your range is built,
    GPR System is here to help.
    We stock a complete line
    of range supplies to suit your needs.

    Just like your range is unique,
    so is your sales floor.
    No one knows your customers
    better than you, and
    we can help you design
    the right space to appeal to
    your customer’s needs and
    desires, while bringing your
    business to the next level.
  • GPR is a leader in providing superior range products that are customizable,
    safe, durable, and cost-effective.

    Whether you’re looking for a smaller range for individual customers
    to use or a more complex range for large groups to run training exercises together,
    we’re experienced in many build sizes.

    We will help you put together a range to meet your unique needs and specifications,
    so no range installation is too small or too big for us to handle.


  • This customized airsoft gun can be linked with the GPR System.
    Also, it has an automatic gun control function, which prevents the gun from firing when the player is hit.
  • Basic Configuration (Adjustable)

    1. Monitor

    2. Stand

    3. BB Case

    4. Speaker

    5. Controler (Start Button)

    6. High Speed Auto B.B Loader

    The Most Advanced Airsoft Target

    Screen target reads B.B

    Customized target

    Various target can be installed

    Low vounce for safety

    Read 20round in 1sec

    Potable to indoor and outdoor

    Software can be updated for future use

    Professional training, sports and commercial

    High Speed Auto B.B Loader

    Simple and Easy use

    Set up rounds, counts, auto-step

    6,000 rounds capacity

    7sec to load 100 rounds

    read 30 round in 1 sec
  • CUSTOMIZED TARGET (Adjustable)