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  • For Airsoft game`s fair play.

    Gunpower has been inventing the first and unique Airsoft solutions
    for more than 15 years. We are pround of creating new airsoft culture
    and loved by both professionals and commercial use.


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  • GPR Helmet

    The GPR helmet is a special helmet that used BB bullet sensing technology.
    The whole area of the helmet, including the shield glass, operate as sensors.
    Furthermore, a speaker is mounted inside the helmet for voice instructions,
    in addition to a red LED light used to indicate the death of a player during the game.


    The sensor panels on the front and back sides of the GPR Vest can sense BB shot impacts.
    The vest is fitted with a power supply unit and a communication module,
    allowing the control system to monitor the player’s status
    (KIA, number of shots triggered, hit area, and battery percentage)
    This customized airsoft gun can be linked with the GPR System.
    Also, it has an automatic gun control function,
    which prevents the gun from firing when the player is hit.
    It is available in two types: pistol (for general use) and rifle (for military/police training).

    Material: reinforced ABS

    Weight: about 0.9kg

    Detection module: all (head, face)

    Display: flashing LED on helmet

    Voice guidance: voice transmission to helmet


    Material: Nylon

    Weight: about 2kg

    Size: 47 x 62 cm

    Detection module: All (chest, etc.)

    Display: flashing LED on helmet

    Voice guidance: voice transmission to helmet

    GPR firearm

    Type: rifles, pistols, etc.

    Bounty guns: BB

    Weight: about 0.9 ~ 3.3kg

    Material: reinforced plastic, steel

    Range: 30 ~ 50m (custom available)

    Power: Battery type (7.2v ~ 11v)

    Control method: Remote control
    Map simulation
  • Obstacles(Option)
  • Accessories
  • 1. Auto BB Loader
    This device automatically supplies BB shots to the magazine.

    2. BB-Breaker
    A device that easily fits on personal firearms to instantly block
    the path of ammunition during a game and stop firing to ensure
    a safe and fair game is played.

    3. GPR Pistol Battery Charger
    Charge Within 30 Minuts

    4. GPR Vest Charge
    Charger that can charge 5 vests at a time
    (include Over Voltage Breaker)

    5. Respawn BOX
    This device resurrects the player to rejoin the battle during a game.

    6. Mission BOX
    strategy system that will help you to play a more exciting
    training by giving a given task during the training.
    Network System
    System Equipment & Software

  • - Establishment of wireless
    communication infrastructure

    - Establishment of wire
    communication infrastructure

    - Monitoring Computer

    - AP controller
    (AP, Controller, Hub, and Rack)

    - Audio system
    (Microphone, Amplifier, and Speaker)

    - Operation System Software(for Force On Force)

    - Amplifier design

    - Establishment of broadcasting system

    - CCTV (video surveillance)